Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Be There Travel is taking reservations for a trip to Magical Ireland this fall. See a slide show of photos from a 2005 tour. Want to learn more? Pick up a flier at the Library, or come to a program on March 21 at 7 pm.

Here are some new books that we'll have ready to check out in the next week or two. Not all of them will end up on the New Book Shelf (we can't fit all the new books we receive there) so check our catalog or ask a librarian for assistance. You can put a book on hold now, and we'll call you when it's ready to go out.

Owl's Well That Ends Well, (Mystery) by Donna Andrews.
Hey Cowgirl, Need a Ride? (Western) by Baxter Black.
They Fall Hard (Mystery) by Alistair Boyle.
Sick of Shadows, (Mystery) by Marion Chesney.
Murder at a Vineyard Mansion, (Mystery) by Philip R. Craig.
Bond with Death, (Mystery) by Bill Crider.
Fall of a Philanderer, (Mystery) by Carola Dunn.
Song in the Dark (Mystery) by P.N. Elrod.
A Sudden Country (Western) by Loren D. Estleman.
The Holmes Factor (Fiction) by Brian Freemantle.
Grave Sight, (Mystery) by Charlaine Harris.
Torment of Others, (Mystery) by Val McDermid.
Quincannon's Games, (Western) by Bill Pronzini.
To Kingdom Come, (Mystery) by Will Thomas.
White Thunder, (Mystery) by Aimée & David Thurlo.
Birds of a Feather, (Mystery) by Jacqueline Winspear.

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