Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Teen Summer Reading Challenge
Congratulations to our weekly prize winners for July 2: Xavier G. and Sophia L.!

Tell Me About It!

Here’s what our teen readers say:

The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson—Mystery/Suspense--"A 17 year old girl, Cameryn, tries to solve the murder of her teacher."—Jennifer L. (rating 10 of 10)

Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz--Fantasy--"Vampires-humans fallen angels sent to repent or remain among the undead. One vampire not meant to be."—Kalyn F. (rating 10 of 10)

The Camelot Spell (Grail Quest series) by Laura Anne Gilman--Adventure--"Gerard, Newt, and Ailis go on a quest to find Merlin, who may be the last hope to save the sleeping adults in Camelot."—Sophia L. (rating 7 of 10)

Maximum Ride by James Patterson--Adventure--"A group of science experiments fight for their lives against erasers (also experiments) to get away from the school. They are called the flock. They go to New York to find out their past."—Nathan B. (rating 7 of 10)

The Serious Kiss by Mary Hogan—Romance/Humor--"Just when she starts to make friends, her parents move her to the middle of nowhere."—Casey B. (rating 7 of 10)

Shattering Glass by Gail Giles—Mystery/Suspense--"A group of popular students take Simmon Glass under their wing. (Simmon being the school nerd.) They turn him popular, but will their game eventually kill him?"—Briana R. (rating 9 of 10)

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