Monday, November 27, 2006

Book Reviews!

Here are some book reviews written by kids at the Bowles Life Center Branch Library:

Title: Harriet Tubman
Author: Renee Kelton
Why this book is so great: Because it tells about a person that did something good for many people.

Title: Mooch the Messy
Author: Marjorie Sharmat
Why this book is so great: It is special because Mooch got a ltter from his father that he was visiting him. When he got there it was all messy. Then Mooch cleaned it while his father was asleep. When his father said Mooch they stole your stuff but he said I did it and when his father left he made it dirty again.

Title: Ghost Fever
Author: Joe Hayes
Why this book is so great: It was about two girls and a grandpa. They were looking for a house. The house they wanted people would talk about it and say scary stuff about it. They moved into it and one girl saw a ghost and the ghost had fever so she killed one of the girls.

Title: Lucinda’s Secret
Author: Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black
Why this book is so great: This book is so great because it has some action in it and some other good things. I like this book is imaginary because it has fairies and goblins and trolls and elves. In the story, three kids move to a house that has fairies living in it. And now I say goodbye but I recommended this book to you people.

Title: Charly Finds Christmas
Author: ?
Why this book is so great: I liked when Santa took Charly to his workshop. Then Charly meets mouse friends.

Title: Bing Bang Boing
Author: Douglas Florian
Why this book is so great: It has many fantastic poems and they are great.

Title: Out of the Dust
Author: Karen Hesse
Why this book is so great: I like the book because it gives out the feel and gave it to you or me.

Title: How to Eat Fried Worms
Author: Thomas Rockwell
Why this book is so great: You see how a kid eats worms and we eat a lot so you should read it. In the end he wins a bet that they shook on.

Title: Miss Daisy is Crazy
Author: Dan Gutman
Why this book is so great: Because Miss Daisy does not know what one plus one is and plus she does not like school. Her kids or her students think that she kidnapped their real teacher and tied her to railroad tracks and she is about to get ran over.

Title: Amelia’s 6th Grade Notebook
Author: Marissa Moss
Why this book is so great: It is so good because it tells about her life in school and things I would need to know.

Title: There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom
Author: Louis Sachar
Why this book is so great: To me it tells how boy’s learn from another and become friends from doing that.

Title: Dicey’s Song
Author: Cynthia Voight
Why this book is so great: It tells how Dicey has to stay a child but becomes an adult while she has to hold down schoolwork, a job, watching her brothers and sisters.

Title: Homecoming
Author: Cynthia Voight
Why this book is so great: Because Dicey was being brave, smart, and scared all at the same time while traveling all around.

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This Thursday, November 30, dietician Ronda Sisak will give a talk entitled entitled "Keep Kids Fit: Healthy Nutrition for Families." She will discuss the role of nutrition and exercise in a healthy family, as well as tips for avoiding childhood (and adult) obesity. Her goals are to help families with children develop a healthy lifestyle by learning how to eat properly and exercise regularly. No signup is required for this free seminar.

Through the its clinical nutrition department, Children's Medical Center of Dallas has started the Dean Foods LEAN (Lifestyle Exercise AndNutrition) Families Program. The intensive 12-week session provides children and their families with weight management therapy, developing life-long habits of good nutrition and healthy activities.
The program includes an initial assessment by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a pediatrician, dietitian, physical therapist, social worker and other support staff. Families participate in weekly education classes, covering topics such as behavior modification, physical activity and nutrition education. For more information on the Dean Foods LEAN Families Program or to refer a patient, call 214-456-LEAN(5326).

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