Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's Next...Health Monday, January 28 at 7 pm
Weight Loss Surgery: Weigh Your Options This free informational program will be presented by a Baylor Medical Hospital doctor, Dr. Sina Matin.
Dr. Sina Matin is a Board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeon. He is the Medical Director for the Baylor Medical Center at Irving Weight Management Center. He will discuss:
• What types of surgery are there?
• What are the pros and cons?
• What should a patient consider before choosing a procedure?
• What is the best way to choose a doctor?

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Since our current renovation project has made the Local History room unavailable to the public, we're taking this opportunity to move a few things around in there. Previously, books were on one set of shelves, and genealogical magazines were on a different set. We are now filing the magazines that deal with a particular location with the books about that location. So, a magazine on Virginia genealogy is now shelved with the books on Virginia genealogy.

Magazines that don't deal with any one place will still be shelved separately.

We hope to have the local history room available again near the first of February. Fingers crossed!

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