Monday, July 13, 2015


Mars, The Read Planet

Our nearest solar neighbor, Mars, has long been the subject of exploration and research. From the very beginning humanities’ interest in space has been about making a voyage into the unknown, to satisfy our curiosity, to take advantage of scientific opportunity, and to display our spirit of exploration. Why else would our robotic explorers have such adventurous names if not to reflect our own nature among the stars? These books seek to highlight our progress and achievement as research on the Red Planet continues and to look at our ongoing journey into space. From Mars to the Jovian Moons, Jupiter, and beyond our very own solar system!


In its eerie likeness to Earth, Mars has long captured our imaginations-both as a destination for humankind and as a possible home to extraterrestrial life. It is our twenty-first century New World; its explorers robots, shipped 350 million miles from Earth to uncover the distant planet’s secrets”. This book explores the robotic space exploration of the Mars rover Curiosity as well as the incredible journey it took to get there. of other worlds : the amazing story of unmanned space exploration 

This book tells the stories of eleven space exploration voyages. Beginning with missions to Mars and moving beyond it shows, with vivid illustrations, the progress we have made scientifically with unmanned space exploration. 


Science Fiction meets reality as the rover curiosity braves the harsh conditions of Mars on its indefinite mission “to determine the planet's "habitability” (NASA. Web). Mars up close offers a detailed insider look at the journey and technology of the curiosity mission, as well as the trial and tribulations it took to reach a planet thirty-five million miles away from home.


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