Monday, June 12, 2006

Here are some new books that should be on the shelves in a day or two:


Spin doctor / Leslie Carroll.
Fever / Geneva Holliday.
Loves me, loves me not / Libby Malin.
Party girl : a novel / Sarah Mason.
Manstealing for fat girls / Michelle Embree.
Dead dry / Sarah Andrews.
A meal to die for : a culinary novel of crime / Joseph R. Gannascoli
A long shadow / Charles Todd.

And some nonfication:
Spike Lee : that's my story and I'm sticking to it / as told to Kaleem Aftab.
Possessed : the rise and fall of Prince / Alex Hahn.
The last coach : a life of Paul "Bear" Bryant / Allen Barra.
The Pythons : autobiography / by the Pythons

Our Technical Processing Dept. has prepared a lot of new books lately - and we don't have room on the New Book shelf for all of them. So, be sure to check your favorite authors and subjects for new items.

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