Friday, June 30, 2006

More new mysteries!

The Rainaldi Quartet / Paul Adam.
Midas / Russell Andrews.
Feet of clay / Ruth Birmingham.
Murder in Montmartre / Cara Black.
The debt / Thomas Brennan.
Curiosity killed the cat sitter : the first Dixie Hemingway mystery / Blaize Clement.
Steamed / Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant.
Death called to the bar : a murder mystery featuring Lord Francis Powerscourt / David Dickinson.
Yes, the river knows / Tracy Dunham.
The lost gardens : an English garden mystery / Anthony Eglin.
The serpent in the garden : a novel / Janet Gleeson.
The sweet golden parachute / David Handler.
Bindweed / Janis Harrison.
Graveyard shift / Kelly Lange.
What goes around comes around / Con Lehane.
Through a glass, darkly / Donna Leon.
The rebels of Babylon / Owen Parry.
For Edgar / Sheldon Rusch.
I right the wrongs : a misdemeanor man mystery / Dylan Schaffer.
Delicious / Mark Haskell Smith.
Blood on the desert ; A house in Naples / by Peter Rabe.
Blackstone and the firebug / Sally Spencer writing as Alan Rustage.
Eight of swords / David Skibbins.
Dying in the dark / Sally Spencer.
Mourning dove : a Ella Clah novel / Aimée & David Thurlo.
The manipulated : Joe Portugal mystery / by Nathan Walpow.
The big boat to bye-bye / Ellis Weiner.
Ring and die / Stella Whitelaw.

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